Vidhya Peetham i-School

The senior secondary CBSE school in Salem instills a love for learning in children, preparing them for higher education and life.

(Affiliation no: 1931062)

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The Goal

To unshackle children from the drudgery of rote learning and impart a meaningful, burden-free education that nurtures emotional intelligence, social competence and a gusto for life.

The Means

A concoction of concept learning, 30,000 online e-sheets and signature teaching techniques like “Zinglish”, “Mathemagix”, “Zippy Science” etc., are used to pull off what is envisioned.

The End

Vidhya Peetham churns out self-assured students, respectful of others sensitivities, impervious to consumerism, in harmony with nature, attuned to India’s culture, with a flair for math and science and fluency in English, irrespective of their family background.

The CBSE School in Salem

This CBSE school in Salem, Tamil Nadu is located in Mannarpalayam, a serene, picturesque place, just 8 km away from the New Bus Stand, and is a home away from home for the children studying there. The school’s kindergarten campus is in the heart of the town, at 2nd agraharam. Vidhya Peetham,  started in 1996, has concocted potent teaching techniques, rolled out a massive e-learning program and almost paradoxically is rooted in cultural orthodoxy that belie its technical and pedagogical prowess.

The Architects

of the School

Vidhya Peetham is micro-managed by Dr.R.B.Srinivasan, an education enthusiast with a penchant for innovation and a dentist by qualification with stillborn degrees in industrial engineering and environmental science. Mrs.Uma Srinivasan is a psychologist, special educator and counsellor. Driven by a passion to build their dream school, the couple is involved in all aspects starting from recruitment and training of teachers, designing the pedagogy and learning tools, conducting Web Workshops for parents, interacting with children, sharing their dreams and molding them.

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The Curriculum

Concept Learning

The cornerstone of education in Vidhya Peetham, it augments children’s mastery of math, science and English with minimal effort. Rote-learning is confined to the inexorably mundane subjects.

Online E-sheets

30,000 online electronic worksheets for English, math and science, embellished with audio and video, are posted on the internet in the school’s e-learning portal. Children from L.K.G. to grade 10 use them both at school and home, the former to acquire new skills and the later to hone them further.



“Zinglish” is English with a zing! This signature teaching technique is a blend of “Hybrid Phonics”, “Ladder Reading”, “Grammar Slammer”, “Monster Reader”, “Jiffy Comprehension” & “Multimedia Comprehension” – and imparts English fluency to all regardless of family background.


“Mathemagic” has exorcised the fear for numbers and is a mix of concept learning, intuitive approach to math topped off by “Multiplication & Division Medley”. Children become so adroit with numbers that from 4th grade they outpace their math teachers!


Zippy Science

This program is about acquiring content knowledge in science after understanding the fundamentals with hands-on science activities wherever possible and simple, easily accessible projects (made by children, not purchased). “Zippons”, short for Zippy Lessons, buttress science learning. 

Web Workshops

Web Workshops are videocasts by Dr. Srinivasan and Mrs. Uma Srinivasan, which can be watched from home and are predominantly in Tamil for the benefit of parents. They educate parents about the school’s unique teaching techniques and keep them in know about many aspects of life at school.


Apart from instrumental & vocal music, karate and “kalari payattu”, a slew of “Saviskara Saturday” activities ignite children’s creativity and critical thinking, banishes stage fright by the time they finish kindergarten, boosts their self-confidence and bestows life skills.


Life at Vidhya Peetham is a union of technology with tradition what with children donning a traditional attire suitable for the hot Salem climate (no silly ties, belts or socks and short hemlines!), and “Namaskaram” for salutation. Sanskrit shlokas, Thevaram, Bhagavad Gita classes and elaborate celebration of Indian festivals inculcates love and respect for cultural ethos.

Unique, like your child

Vidhya Peetham neither has any franchises nor does it belong to a chain of hundreds of schools across the state and country. Arguably one of the best CBSE schools in Salem has implemented the CBSE curriculum with an international flavour and gets the undivided attention of its founders, who are more like a craftsmen bound to their art rather than detached CEOs. Unlike “factory” schools that sap students’ enthusiasm, children’s sojourn through Vidhya Peetham is an enlivening, life enhancing experience, a kind of education nirvana, their own bodhi tree!

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