As the best CBSE school in Salem, we’re always looking for ways to spark creativity in our students, even during the challenging times of home learning. In August 2021, our 1st graders took on a fantastic and colorful project – mask making!

Magical Mask Making Activity at Home

Who doesn’t love the thrill of becoming someone else for a while? Especially when you’re in 1st grade! Our little artists created their dream characters’ masks, turning their homes into a stage for imagination during COVID-19. It was more than just an activity; it was an adventure in creativity.

Crafting Dreams into Reality

Using glitter paper, feathers, paper plates, and charts, these young minds from one of the finest schools in Salem cut and crafted their materials into amazing masks. Each mask was a doorway into a new character – an animal, a clown, a bird, and more. This mask making activity wasn’t just about art; it was about bringing fantasies to life.

A Spectacular Show of Creativity

Once the masks were on, transformation happened! Our 1st graders didn’t just make masks; they became the characters they envisioned. The joy and pride in their eyes were evident, showcasing the success of this ‘mask making activity’. It’s moments like these that reinforce our status as a leading school in Salem.

1st std students at Salem's best CBSE school crafting imaginative masks at home, using glitter paper and feathers for a creative mask making activity.


At the best school in Salem, we believe that learning should be fun, imaginative, and engaging. This mask making activity was a testament to our commitment to creative education. Stay tuned for more exciting activities from our talented 1st graders!

A vibrant display of handmade masks by talented 1st graders from a renowned school in Salem, showcasing their creativity in mask making with various materials.