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Hey there! Ever thought math could be fun? Well, at the best CBSE school in Salem, we make it happen! This blog is all about how our fantastic 2nd graders learned about fractions in the most enjoyable fraction activities, right from their homes.

Fraction Activities: Not Just Another Math Lesson

Picture this: it’s August 2021, and our homes have turned into classrooms. Our bright young minds were up for a cool challenge – making fractions interesting using things like bread, banana, and even chocolate! Who knew math could be this mouth-watering?

Hands-On Learning with Yummy Props

As one of the most innovative schools in Salem, we believe in ‘learning by doing’. So, our kids took various food items – think snake gourd, idly, coconut bun, and more – and split them into equal parts. Two halves of a banana or four quarters of a chocolate bar made understanding ½, ¼, and so on super easy and super fun. It’s fraction activities like these that make math a piece of cake!

2nd std students from the best CBSE school in Salem learning fractions with food items at home, demonstrating interactive and fun fraction activities.
Assortment of food items like bread, chocolate, and cucumber used for creative fraction activities by 2nd graders at a leading Salem school.

Why We Love This Method

Not only did our kids learn about fractions, but they also honed their problem-solving and critical thinking skills. And the best part? They were learning important math concepts without even realizing it! As one of the top schools in Salem, our goal is to make learning exciting and memorable, especially during times when traditional classroom settings aren’t possible.


At the best school in Salem, we’re all about making learning fun and effective. This fraction activity is just one example of how we keep our students engaged and excited about learning, no matter where they are. Stay tuned for more awesome learning adventures!

Colorful fraction activities completed by second graders using food items, highlighting engaging math education at a renowned Salem school.
Young learners from a top school in Salem dividing foods into fractions, engaging in hands-on fraction activities at home.