6th std students at a top CBSE school in Salem, engaged in making paneer, demonstrating the filtration process during a science activity on separation of substances.

Engaging Science Activity in Grade 6

In a unique showcase of scientific concepts, Grade 6 students at one of the top CBSE schools in Salem recently engaged in an interactive activity to understand techniques for separation  of substances. This event was a perfect blend of learning and fun, demonstrating our commitment to hands-on education.

Mastering Separation of Substances

The students were divided into four teams, each tasked with demonstrating a different method for separation of substances. One team illustrated the concept of filtration by making paneer, skillfully separating the solid particles from the liquid. Another team brewed tea, showcasing the art of sieving to separate the tea leaves from the liquid. A third team was involved in the process of sieving flour, a practical demonstration of how solids can be separated based on particle size. The final team poured water into a jar of sand, an effective way to understand sedimentation and decantation.

Conclusion: Learning Through Practical Experience

This activity not only reinforced the theoretical concepts of separation techniques but also added a layer of practical understanding. As one of the leading CBSE schools in Salem, Vidhya Peetham i-School is dedicated to providing innovative and interactive learning experiences. Through such activities, our students gain a deeper understanding of scientific principles and are encouraged to explore and question, hallmark traits of successful learners.

Young learners from a CBSE school in Salem sieving flour in a science experiment, showcasing the practical application of sieving as a separation method.
A team of sixth graders at a prominent CBSE school in Salem carefully pouring water into a jar of sand to demonstrate sedimentation and decantation in a hands-on science activity.
Assortment of fruits sculpted in clay by talented Grade 1 students, reflecting the engaging curriculum at Vidhya Peetham i-School, Salem.