Discovering the World of Colours

The PreKG classroom buzzed with excitement as our little learners embarked on a unique adventure, blending the joy of discovery with the magic of creativity. 🌱 Surrounded by an array of green leaves, vegetables, and fruits, the kids turned into explorers, identifying and naming each object with enthusiasm. It was a hands-on learning experience, filled with curiosity and joy.

Handprints Fun: Leaving a Mark

The exploration didn’t stop there! A plain tree-shaped chart awaited its transformation on the classroom wall. With green paint and sparkling eyes, the children dipped their hands in and stamped their handprints onto the chart, creating a lush green tree filled with their personal touch. πŸ–οΈπŸŽ¨ It was a delightful blend of sensory play and artistic expression, capturing the essence of learning through doing.

A Day of Green to Remember

As the morning came to an end, the PreKG classroom was left with a vibrant tree of handprints and a group of kids with a newfound appreciation for the color green. It was a perfect blend of identifying green objects and expressing creativity, making learning fun and memorable. Cheers to a day filled with green, giggles, and growth! πŸŽ‰

Green day
Green day
Green day

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