At our esteemed CBSE school in Salem, we had an inspiring event for our 3rd standard students – the ‘Wealth from Waste’ contest. This initiative was part of our commitment to fostering creativity and ecological mindfulness among our young learners and was done during online classes.


The aim of the contest was to challenge students to think creatively about recycling and reusing materials that are often discarded. By engaging in this activity, students learned about sustainability and the importance of environmental conservation.

The Contest

Children dove into the challenge with enthusiasm, selecting materials like coconut shells, straws, packaging boxes, newspapers, plastic bottles, and bottle caps, which they then transformed into decorative or functional items.

Outcomes: Wealth from Waste

The results were nothing short of remarkable. Among the creations were handcrafted pen stands and flower vases, each reflecting the unique creativity of the students. A particularly innovative project was a working clock made from bottle caps, displaying mechanical ingenuity. Another student showcased practical creativity by fashioning a sling bag from a plastic bottle.


The ‘Wealth from Waste’ contest was not just an exercise in creativity; it was a valuable lesson in environmental stewardship. It demonstrated to our students and the community the potential of repurposing and rethinking waste. As a leading CBSE school in Salem, we take pride in nurturing not just academic excellence but also responsible, eco-conscious citizens of tomorrow.

Third-grade students at a CBSE school in Salem proudly displaying their creative projects made from recycled materials, including a working clock made from bottle caps and a sling bag fashioned from a plastic bottle, as part of the 'Wealth from Waste' contest.