Life in LKG is a delightful brew of concept learning, intellectual, emotional, social, gross and fine motor skills, glazed with a lifelong love for education. Meticulous planning, innovative teaching and well-trained, compassionate, patient and motivated teachers give children their best start to their learning journey.

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What ChildrenLearn

Use of worksheets – both paper and digital

Zinglish – hybrid phonics spelling, ladder reading, etc.

Mathemagic – 7 different numerical skills for numbers 1 to 39

Tamil உயிர் எழுத்துக்கள்

Shapes, colours, rhymes, slokas and much more


750 paper worksheets are done in LKG

All English skills, writing alphabets, hybrid phonics spelling and ladder reading, are taught through worksheets

In math, they are used to teach number writing and 6 essential, fundamental numeracy skills for kindergarteners

Most worksheets are unique and are never repeated

All worksheets are done by children at school in groups of 3 or 4, under the teacher’s attentive eye

Completed worksheets are sent home every afternoon, and are filed by parents

Worksheets help children at Vidhya Peetham learn more than their peers with much less effort in a happy, burden-free environment

Vidhya Peetham could be the only school to have such diverse worksheets

Reinforce Learning

- This is a sample math worksheet ?

- Topics taught by the teacher on the blackboard ?‍? are practiced and mastered by children through engaging worksheets like these. ?

Worksheets = Concept Learning

- Almost all worksheets are unique ✨ and seldom repeated.

- This helps understanding concepts deeply ?rather than rote memorization. ?

Parents, not teachers!

- At Vidhya Peetham, just like a doctor ?‍⚕️ doesn't expect patients to diagnose themselves or a lawyer ?‍⚖️ their clients to know the penal code ⚖️, we don't expect parents to teach phonics or math to their children.

- Therefore, all worksheets are completed at school.

- ?? Vidhya Peetham values parent dedication over education. ??

More, for less

?Paper worksheets + ?️Online worksheets + ?Concept learning + ?‍?Teaching techniques


?More learning + ?️Less effort + ?‍♀️More playtime - ??Parent support

Video on Worksheets

An awesome 90-second video showcasing few types of English & math worksheets and also their features.


Nearly 700 online e-sheets (short for electronic worksheets) are done by LKG kids in a year. 

Online e-sheets are posted on the school’s e-learning portal, catering to LKG to 10th standard students

LKG kids do these e-sheets independently at home, parents just supervise

E-sheets cover current and past English and Math topics, ensuring children stay connected with all subjects

They are like virtual tutors in every child’s home, providing personalized practice sessions

These e-sheets are time-bound, promoting efficient and focused learning

When a child finishes a e-sheet, it is automatically corrected, providing instant feedback

Online e-sheets are a great learning tool for every student, and are especially vital for children whose parents may lack formal education

Vidhya Peetham could be one of the handful of schools in the country with such a breathtaking array of online e-sheets

An evening's homework

- Displayed is the daily online homework e-sheet set ?️ for LKG

- Each working day, ?a fresh batch of online e-sheets are assigned

- ✍️Spelling, ?reading, ?math, ?critical thinking e-sheets etc., are in this batch

- Regular practice of e-sheets makes childen supremely confident ? in all the concepts taught in LKG effortlessly

English e-sheets

- The snippet above ✂️ is from English spelling e-sheets

- On the right is a snippet from a ?Ladder Reading e-sheet

- E-sheets can have colourful pictures ?, cute animations ?, audio ?, or nice videos ?

Math e-sheets

- The 3 snippets in the yellow panel ? are from math e-sheets

- Various numeracy skills ? are taught through exercises like missing numbers, what comes after, count and write, etc.

- E-sheets play a major role in making children confident in the most dreaded subject, math ?

Results page

- The snippets here are from the results page of e-sheets

- The snippet on the left shows information about the total number of questions in the e-sheet, marking the correctly answered question in green ? and the wrong one in red ?

- On the right is a summary of the time taken ⏱️ for doing the e-sheet, grade ? etc.

Video on Online Worksheets


Zinglish, is English with a ‘zing’ (lively, punchy English!). This multi-year program imparts English fluency even to children whose parents do not speak the language.

Non-sequential Derived Writing

Lowercase alphabets are written non-sequentially. Alphabets with simple strokes are written first, followed by those with anti-clockwise strokes and finally letters with clockwise strokes.

Phonic Sounds

Phonic sounds of consonants are introduced to children as they begin writing alphabets, laying a solid foundation for advanced hybrid phonic spelling and early reading skills.


Units, comprising a mix of vowels and consonants, are the fundamental building blocks of hybrid phonics spelling, crucial for word formation and developing early literacy skills.

Hybrid Phonics Spelling

Perhaps the easiest spelling technique on the planet, LKG kids spell 106 words effortlessly with ridiculous ease and without parental support! And, these spellings are never forgotten by the children.

Ladder Reading

LKG children do levels 1 and 2 of our comprehensive, three-year reading program, which is designed to progressively enhance their reading skills and literary comprehension.


The ‘Sixfold Path’ for Success in Math

The ‘Sixfold Path’ is a gentle introduction to the world of numbers for kindergarteners

It breaks down math into enjoyable and understandable segments

The ‘Sixfold Path’ eliminates the common fear associated with math

Worksheets and e-sheets are used to train children in these skills


Reciting numbers in sequence helps memorise numerical order, and lays the foundation for complex mathematical concepts.


Children advance from reciting to writing numbers sequentially, enhancing their numerical comprehension.

Random Number Identification

Kids swiftly recognize and identify any number shown to them from within their learned numerical sequence.

What Comes After

The next skill is to confidently state the number that immediately follows any random, identified number.

9s Transition

Trains kids to confidently move from 19 to 20, 29 to 30, 39 to 40 and so on without getting stuck at the 9s.

Mirror Numbers

Children learn to identify and not mix up mirror numbers like 12 & 21, 13 & 31, 23 & 32 and so on.

Video on Mathemagic


Kindergarteners do dozens of hands on activities through the year. These activities kindle their creativity and curiosity, increase their attention span and bring to life concepts like colours, shapes, sizes, alphabets, numbers, etc. building a lifelong love for learning!

Children at a top CBSE school in Salem, Vidhya Peetham i-School, decorate a notice board with rainy season elements, showcasing their understanding of seasons.
Jan 09 2024

Kindergarten Seasons Activity

? As they donned cotton for summer, wool for winter, and rain gear for the monsoons, the classroom buzzed with learning and laughter.

Young learners at the best CBSE school in Salem participating in a phonics game, placing paper leaves on a zebra chart during an outdoor educational activity.
Dec 22 2023

LKG Spelling Fun: Identifying Units

? What Did Our Little Stars Learn? Our LKG stars learned to read phonics units fluently and with confidence. They didn’t just feed their paper animals; they nourished their minds with the...
LKG student mastering balance and coordination in hopscotch kindergarten activity at Vidhya Peetham i-School, surrounded by colorful educational decor.
Dec 19 2023

Hop, Skip, and Jump: Hopscotch Kindergarten

Every hop was a step towards better coordination, and every basket scored was a swish towards improved hand-eye coordination. It’s activities like these that make Vidhya Peetham i-School stand...
Colorful chart cutouts of rabbits and carrots used for Tamil alphabet activities at a prominent school in Salem.
Nov 08 2023

உயிர் எழுத்துக்கள் Fun: LKG Learns Tamil Alphabets with Rabbits and Carrots!

Each child was invited to select their favorite rabbit by popping a ball onto it. This simple yet interactive method not only made them excited but also helped them focus on the task at hand.

Spot the missing parts
Nov 03 2023

Little Detectives on the Case: LKG’s ‘Spot the Difference’ Activity

Spot the Missing Parts’ was more than just a game; it was a foundational step towards developing critical thinking and cognitive skills. Our LKG learners left the activity with a sense of...
Number counting activities
Nov 03 2023

Number Counting Activities: Hula Hoop Numbers – LKG

Imagine the excitement as our little learners entered a playground of colorful hula hoops, each containing a different number. The numbers were scattered, not in sequence, to challenge the...
Number Learning Activities
Nov 02 2023

Number Learning Activities: A Journey Through Sunflowers and Shirts

One of our innovative number learning activities, “Blooming Numbers,” transformed our learning space into a garden of knowledge and discovery. ?

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