Annual Day 2023

Vidhya Peetham i-School in Salem takes pride in its grand Annual Day Celebrations. Every detail, from meticulously selected songs to elegant choreography, is thoughtfully designed. The vibrant costumes and captivating stage backdrop enhance the already electric atmosphere of the annual day program.

Witness the courage of our youngest kindergarteners, unfazed by a 2000-strong audience, and the sophistication of our 10th graders moving with flair. Our annual day event stands unparalleled, and the videos that follow serve as a testament to its magnificence.

Dive into the heart of our school’s spirit through these annual day celebration highlights.

‘Ponni Nadhi’ from ‘Ponniyin Selvan’
‘Boom Padi’ – A Garba Song

In their Annual Day performance kindergarten kids dazzled in a vibrant Dandiya dance, moving in circles and striking their sticks rhythmically, bringing the Gujarati folk tradition to life with joy and celebration.

‘Viswanathan Velai Vendum’

Our spirited third and fourth graders danced flawlessly to a beloved timeless classic, celebrating hard work and livelihood, evoking a nostalgic journey and fond memories for the captivated audience.

‘Manapparai Maadu Katti’

Our charming kindergarten kids performed a captivating dance to the traditional Tamil folk song “Manapparai Maadu Katti,” beautifully illustrating Tamil Nadu’s rural life and the special bond between a farmer and his cattle.

‘RRR’ War Dance

The dancers powerfully showcased the bravery and sacrifice of India’s warriors through intricate movements and strong gestures, paying homage to their physical prowess and spiritual fortitude, and instilling a deep sense of cultural pride.

‘Thendral Vandu Theendum Pothu’

Our second-grade stars enchanted everyone, dancing gracefully to a timeless “Thendral Vanthu Theendum Pothu”, creating a magical world of gentle winds, swaying trees, and blooming blossoms, leaving hearts joyful and spirits lifted.

‘Isaiyil Thodanguthamma’ from ‘Hey Ram’

The girls from middle and secondary school danced with sheer grace and lively spirit to “Isaiyil Thodanguthamma,” showcasing the joy and innocence of youth, perfectly capturing the song’s spirit and celebrating the timeless beauty of young life.

‘Enjoy Enjaami’

The song delved deep into the joy of living, highlighting our bond with nature and underlining the urgency of preserving it for every life form, ensuring a sustainable and safe habitat for all.

PreKG Annual Day Dance

Our PreKG stars captured hearts with their mesmerizing dance performance, showcasing adorable moves, innocent smiles, and cute steps, creating a magical experience as their tiny taps took over everyone’s senses and left a lasting impression.