Annual Day 2017

Vidhya Peetham i-School in Salem takes pride in its grand Annual Day Celebrations. Every detail, from meticulously selected songs to elegant choreography, is thoughtfully designed. The vibrant costumes and captivating stage backdrop enhance the already electric atmosphere of the annual day program.

Witness the courage of our youngest kindergarteners, unfazed by a 2000-strong audience, and the sophistication of our 10th graders moving with flair. Our annual day event stands unparalleled, and the videos that follow serve as a testament to its magnificence.

Dive into the heart of our school’s spirit through these annual day celebration highlights.

‘மாசறு பொன்னே வருக’ from ‘Devar Magan’
‘Rain’ by Bickram Ghosh
‘Prahaladan Dance’ from ‘Uttamma Villain’
‘உயிர்நோக்கம்’ by Sounds of Isha