Innovative Science

Discover excellence in secondary science education at Vidhya Peetham i-School – the best CBSE school in Salem. The school’s approach for grades 6 to 10 fosters curiosity, critical thinking, and a love for scientific exploration, setting the foundation for future innovators and leaders. Join us for a transformative journey in the fascinating world of science through concept learning.

innovative science

The Science ToolKit

Vidhya Peetham makes its vibrant, tech-integrated innovative science curriculum accessible to the entire class, not just the toppers using a variety of tools. The kit includes dynamic assessments through online science worksheets, breathtaking array of incisive questions, zippy science lessons or ‘Zippons’,  3D animations,  student response systems and hands on activities.

Online Science Worksheets


Thousands of online science worksheets for 6th to 10th grade, featuring a diverse array of multiple-choice questions, some enriched with videos and images. Each e-worksheet is time-bound, creating an engaging and challenging environment that mimics real-world scenarios. Upon completion, students receive immediate feedback including their score, time taken, and a detailed breakdown of correct and incorrect answers. These versatile e-worksheets are an invaluable tool both in the classroom and as homework.


Incisive Questions

A rich tapestry of learning with over 25 types of multiple-choice questions in science lessons, ranging from video and image-based queries to sequencing, analogies, ‘Application in New Context’ challenges, riddle-based puzzles, interpreting tables are used in science worksheets. This diverse approach not only engages but deeply enhances students’ understanding and application skills.


‘Zippons’ are short for our meticulously structured science lessons, where every concept is distilled into clarity and engagement.

– Multi-level headings and subheadings transform complex information into an easy-to-navigate knowledge map.

– Bullet points replace daunting paragraphs, presenting facts in manageable, digestible pieces that make learning feel like a breeze.

– Keywords leap off the page in bold, anchoring attention and reinforcing crucial terminology.

This thoughtful design ensures that children can absorb and retain information with confidence, paving the way for a deeper, more intuitive understanding of science. It’s learning made intuitive, engaging, and incredibly effective.

Multi-level headings

Organize information, enhance readability, & aid in logical learning progression.

Bullets & Indents

Clarify hierarchy & simplify comprehension


Highlight essential concepts & aid memorizing

Question Banks

Each lesson in each standard is paired with a vast 600-question bank, ensuring a fresh and challenging experience every day. With a staggering 10,000 questions across 16 captivating lessons, our platform offers a rich variety of 25 different types of multiple-choice questions. This not only reinforces learning but also keeps young minds keen and curious. Daily, children encounter 40 random questions in science worksheets, perfectly tailored to consolidate their knowledge and sharpen their problem-solving skills. Every click deepens understanding and ignites a lifelong love for science!

Student Response System

In our science classes learning comes alive with cutting-edge interactive technology! At the end of each lesson, we bring excitement and engagement to revision through an audience response system – our ‘clickers’. Each student gets their own clicker, featuring four options (A, B, C, D) to answer 10 carefully curated, time-bound questions displayed on an interactive smartboard. This interactive quiz is more than just a test; it’s a thrilling race against time where every student participates. The immediate feedback, displayed as a graph after each question, not only reveals who got the answers right or wrong but also gives the teacher real-time insight into the class’s understanding. This innovative approach ensures that learning is not just a one-way street but a dynamic, interactive experience, making science both fun and enlightening!

3D Animations

“Explore science like never before! Our lessons feature stunning 3D animations, making each topic vividly come to life and turning learning into an unforgettable, lucid adventure.”

Learning Outcomes

The Science Toolkit shifts focus from rote learning to deep, conceptual understanding, fostering genuine scientific curiosity. This innovative science teaching also has a host of other positive spin-offs. Some of these are critical thinking, problem-solving, data interpretation, strategic guessing, pattern recognition, numerical ability, time management, reading and comprehension, memorization and recall, attention to detail, stress management, and more!