Nature Watch

Little Explorers of LKG Discover the Wonders of the Neem Tree 🌿

On 28th June 2024, our adorable LKG students at Vidhya Peetham i-School embarked on an exciting Nature Watch adventure! This activity was designed to introduce the children to the myriad benefits and uses of the neem tree. Our young explorers had an unforgettable day filled with hands-on learning and nature appreciation.

Group of LKG students proudly displaying their neem leaf artwork.
Children under a neem tree, learning about its benefits.

Purpose of the Activity 🌟

1. Learn About Neem Tree Benefits: Understanding the various uses of the neem tree.
2. Connect with Nature: Encourage children to explore and appreciate the natural environment.

LKG students exploring a neem tree during the Nature Watch activity.

The Fun Unfolds 🎉

Instructions for the Kids for the Nature Watch Activity:
1. Paste neem leaves on a stenciled chart.
2. Learn about the uses and benefits of the neem tree.
3. Discover that neem leaves can treat digestive issues.
4. Understand that neem sticks are used as toothbrushes.
5. Learn that neem is used for treating skin infections and wounds.

LKG students pasting neem leaves on a stenciled chart.

The Adventure

– The children were taken near a large neem tree and seated comfortably under its shade.
– They got to touch and feel the tree bark and leaves, making their learning experience tangible and engaging.
– Tasting the neem leaf was a highlight! The kids bravely chewed on the leaf and shared their thoughts on its bitterness.
– Using gum, the children pasted neem leaves onto their stenciled charts, creating beautiful nature-inspired artwork.

Learning Outcomes 🌱

1. Focus and Calm: The calming effect of being in nature helped improve the children’s ability to focus on tasks.
2. Nature Exploration: This activity fostered a love for exploring the natural environment.

At Vidhya Peetham i-School, one of the best CBSE schools in Salem, we believe in blending fun with learning. Our little ones are always encouraged to explore and appreciate the beauty of nature, making us proud to be among the top schools in Salem.

Kids feeling the neem tree bark and leaves.


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