Vidhya Peetham i-School LKG class students collaborating in Spelling Fun activity, reading phonetic units and feeding animal charts in a playful outdoor setting.

? Spelling Fun: A Day of Discovery! ?

? Purpose: Building Phonics Foundations

Learning to spell foundational units such as ‘at’, ‘it’, ‘ot’, ‘ag’, and ‘ig’ is crucial in the literacy journey. It’s a sunny day for spelling at Vidhya Peetham i-School, the best CBSE school in Salem, where learning and fun meet under the shade of our artificial tree!

? Materials Needed: Creativity in Chart Form

Our dedicated teachers prepared charming charts with monkeys, zebras, and dogs, alongside playful bananas, leaves, and bones. Each of these items was strategically placed on baskets and an artificial tree to set the stage for learning.

? Outcome: Spelling Fun Without the Fuss

Our enthusiastic LKG learners dived into two baskets full of color paper bananas, leaves, and bones, each symbolizing a different phonics unit. With each selection, they learned to read units like ‘ag’, ‘in’, and ‘un’ in a whole new way—by feeding them to their animal friends!

? Engaging Young Minds

As our tiny tots picked up a paper banana, they didn’t just see a fruit—they saw an opportunity to grow. Reading units like ‘at’ and ‘ag’ aloud, they joyfully fed the banana to the eager monkey chart. Leaves were served to the zebra, and bones to the dog, all in a spell of unsplit, uninterrupted learning.

? What Did Our Little Stars Learn?

Our LKG stars learned to read phonics units fluently and with confidence. They didn’t just feed their paper animals; they nourished their minds with the building blocks of reading. And at Vidhya Peetham i-School, one of the best schools in Salem, we believe every learning moment should be just as delightful.

? Join the Journey of Joyful Learning!

Vidhya Peetham i-School is more than a place for education; it’s a community where the seeds of knowledge are planted in the hearts of young learners. Our ‘Spelling Fun’ is just a glimpse of how we make education both enriching and enjoyable. Come, be a part of our family! ?

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