A beautifully crafted peacock collage activity using pebbles and branches by 8th standard students, demonstrating artistic talent and nature appreciation in Vidhya Peetham i-School, Salem's renowned school.


In September 2021, with our students still confined to online learning, Vidhya Peetham i-School found innovative ways to blend creativity and environmental learning. Our 8th-grade class participated in a unique nature collage activity, right from their homes.


The aim was to keep our students connected with nature and their artistic selves, even while learning remotely. This collage activity was designed to encourage observation, appreciation of natural beauty, and creative expression using easily accessible materials.

Activity Details:

Students embarked on a mini-adventure around their homes, gathering leaves, flowers, branches, twigs, and pebbles. Their task was to create nature-inspired collages, bringing a piece of the outdoors into their online learning space.

Outcome: Nature Collage Activity

The activity was a resounding success. Students created stunning artworks, ranging from delicate butterflies to majestic peacocks, using the natural materials they found. This project not only nurtured their artistic talents but also kept them connected to the environment during remote learning.

Innovative nature collages made from natural materials by 8th graders, highlighting creativity in environmental education at Salem's top school.
8th-grade students at a top school in Salem creating a nature collage activity with leaves, flowers, and twigs, showcasing their artistic skills and environmental awareness.


As one of the top schools in Salem, we are proud of how our students embraced this challenge. This nature collage activity, conducted during online learning, showcased their ability to adapt, learn, and create under unique circumstances, further proving that creativity knows no bounds, even in a virtual setting.