Purpose: Embracing Family Ties in UKG

Back in 2021, when online classes were the norm, our UKG session took a delightful turn as it seemed like grandparents, parents, and siblings had all decided to join in. But wait, it was actually our UKG darlings, dressed up and imitating their beloved family members! ?? They transformed into Thathas, Paatis, Akkas, Appas, and Ammas, leaving us in awe of their creativity and spirit.

Outcomes: Showcasing Imitation Skills and Family Love

As they spoke highly of each family member, showcasing their albums filled with family photos, their imitation skills and speaking abilities shone brightly. ??‍?‍?‍? We couldn’t help but admire their performances, and the cherry on the cake was witnessing their fathomless affection for their family. It was a beautiful reminder that indeed, “family is not an important thing, it is everything.”

Conclusion: A Heartwarming Online Adventure

Looking back, this online dress-up activity was more than just a fun session; it was a celebration of family, love, and the incredible ability of our UKG kids to express their feelings, even through a screen. They taught us that the bonds of family can be celebrated anywhere, anytime, and that love always finds a way to shine through.

Family Ties