All About Me
UKG Activity 2021

Unveiling Personal Favorites: The Heart of the Activity

The “All About Me” activity turned our UKG classroom into a vibrant space filled with chatter and excitement, as our little ones eagerly shared about their personal favorites. ?? They spoke passionately about their favorite dolls, dresses, people, and colors, embracing the opportunity to express themselves. It was a heartwarming sight, witnessing their eyes light up as they shared pieces of their world with us.


Show and Tell: Flaunting Favorites on a Chart

But the sharing didn’t stop at just words. The kids brought their favorite things to life on a chart, creating a visual feast of their cherished items and activities. From yoga poses to boxing gloves, and graceful dance moves, they flaunted it all, showcasing their diverse interests and hobbies.

“All About Me” Conclusion: Celebrating the Little Personalities

As we reflect back on the “All About Me” activity, it’s clear that these UKG children are indeed our favorites. They taught us the beauty of self-expression and the joy of celebrating individuality. The activity was not just fun, but also a valuable journey into understanding and appreciating the unique personalities of our young learners.

UKG Activity 2021