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Curious students examining samples of metallic minerals during a Social Studies session on Agriculture and Minerals at a leading school in Salem.

? Digging Deep into Farming & Minerals with Grade 4 ??

? What’s the Scoop?

Hey there, curious minds! Our 4th-grade crew at Vidhya Peetham i-School, a gem among CBSE schools in Salem, just wrapped up an awesome day getting down and dirty with India’s agriculture and mineral wonders.

? Farm Finds & Shiny Signs

From rice and wheat to copper keys, our little explorers brought the farm and the mines to our classroom. They turned their desks into a mini-India, buzzing with the raw goodies our land gives us!

? Teacher’s Touch

Charts, colors, and a super cool notice board transformed our space into a farmer’s market meets science fair.

? Show and Tell Time – Agriculture and Minerals

Imagine this: one side of the room rustling with food crops, the other side glittering with minerals. Our kids were like walking, talking encyclopedias, spilling facts about crops and where metals come from.

? From Paddy Fields to Petrol Pumps

These smart cookies talked about everything—what’s a food crop, which state grows the juiciest mangoes, and how metals are part of our everyday lives.

? Little Learners, Big Discoveries

Guess what? They now know their crops, the perfect climate for each, and that you can squeeze sugarcane into your morning juice and wear cotton to school! Plus, they figured out agriculture and minerals aren’t just plants and rocks, but stuff that makes our lives cooler and easier!

It was a day of ‘aha!’ moments with the amazing Grade 4 at Vidhya Peetham i-School—definitely one of the best schools in Salem for ‘earthy’ adventures! ??

Grade 4 students displaying metallic minerals, fostering hands-on learning about India's natural resources.
Eager Grade 4 students explaining about millets on a pink tablecloth, enhancing their knowledge about food crops at a Salem CBSE school.
Fourth-grade students present a sugarcane exhibit, complete with raw sugar samples, during an agriculture activity at a top CBSE school in Salem.