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? Annual Day Celebrations: Ensuring a Smooth Finale ?

? Event Location and Time

The grand annual day celebrations are set to take place at the Sri Rathnavel Jayakumar Thirumana Mandapam on Sunday, 24th March 2024, at 6.00 pm.

? Drop and Pick Up Points ?

– Parents of PreKG to Grade 2, and Grades 6 to 10 should use the dining hall passage behind the main hall (? RED arrow in image below).
– Parents of Grade 3 to 5, please utilize the Ganesha Temple point (? GREEN arrow in image below).

? Class and Gender-wise Drop Times

2:00 PM

Girls of grades 5 to 9.

3:00 PM

Boys and girls of grades 2 and 3
Boys of grades 5 to 9.

4:00 PM

Boys and girls of PreKG to grade 1 and grade 4.

5:00 PM

Non-participants prize winners ?.

NOTE: Non-participant, non-prize winners are welcome to enjoy the programs with the audience.

?‍?‍?‍? Pick-Up Protocol

The distribution of prizes ? is expected to commence post-dance performances at around 8.00 pm, starting with LKG and ascending to 10th grade. (Green circle in image above)
As each grade’s prize distribution begins, parents of the previous grade are invited to pick up their children, starting with PreKG and moving up. 

? LED Screen Notifications & Mic Announcements

To facilitate an orderly exit, parents are requested to proceed to pick-up points ONLY after their child’s class notification and announcement. Look for alerts on the big LED screens and listen for announcements in both English & Tamil.