Two young students in chef attire measuring ingredients for chocolate cake making at an i-School activity.

A Delightful Dash of Science in Every Slice! ??

On January 24 (Wednesday), the vibrant hallways of Vidhya Peetham i-School buzzed with excitement as Grade 2 transformed into a delightful kitchen laboratory for the “Crispy Chocolate Cake Making” activity, blending the best of culinary arts and science education.

Creating a Buzz in the Kitchen Lab ??

Students in a classroom at the best CBSE school in Salem, engaged in a hands-on chocolate cake making science activity.

Method to the Yumminess ?‍??

Our little chef scientists embarked on a delicious journey of discovery as they crafted Crispy Chocolate Cakes from scratch. This wasn’t just about satisfying sweet tooths; it was a hands-on science lesson on material changes, stirring in a generous dollop of curiosity and creativity!

With chocolates, corn flakes, and an assortment of dry fruits and nuts in tow, our young chefs followed a step-by-step recipe to invent a new material in the form of a mouth-watering treat. The magic unfolded as they mixed, poured, and watched their creations take shape, gaining invaluable real-life skills.

The Sweet Outcome ??️

Every tray displayed a unique masterpiece, adorned with chocolate chips and white chocolate pieces, while others were sprinkled with nuts for that extra crunch. Not only were the results visually stunning, but the children also grasped the irreversible change of materials through chocolate cake making — a core concept in science!

udding chefs focusing on mixing ingredients for their Crispy Chocolate Cake at a school activity in Salem.
An array of Grade 2 students at one of the top schools in Salem, showcasing their freshly made Crispy Chocolate Cakes in the classroom.

Chocolate Cake Making – Lessons Whipped Up ??

Beyond the Crispy Chocolate Cake’s irresistible crunch, our students learned about inventing new materials and the transformative power of mixing and heating. They became little ‘chef scientists,’ understanding the delicious side of science and gaining a taste for innovation.

A group of Grade 2 students proudly holding their homemade Crispy Chocolate Cakes at Vidhya Peetham i-School.

This tasty experiment was just a slice of why we’re known as one of the best CBSE schools in Salem, where learning is as delightful as chocolate!

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