Cultural and Heritage Expo: A Timewarp Experience ??️

Purpose: A Tapestry of Time ?️

Why just learn history when you can create it? That’s exactly what our students from Grades 6 to 9 at Vidhya Peetham i-School, celebrated as one of the top schools in Salem, did at our Cultural and Heritage Expo!

Confident Grade 8 students explaining their globe models during a cultural expo in one of the best schools in Salem.

Materials Needed: Models of Antiquity ?️

Armed with clay, paper, and endless imagination, our students crafted models that spanned from the terracotta jewels of ancient villages to the technological wonders like hydroelectricity and Chandrayaan III.

Grade 6 students presenting an Earth's atmosphere model at the Cultural and Heritage Expo in a Salem CBSE school.

Crafting Knowledge: Exhibits of Exploration ?

As each classroom turned into a museum, our young historians and scientists stood proudly by their exhibits, explaining the rich stories behind their models to inquisitive primary graders.

Learning in Action: Sharing the Saga ?️

From explaining the layers of the atmosphere to demonstrating the fury of a working volcano, our students didn’t just learn their topics—they became the ambassadors of knowledge, sharing their insights with peers.

Vibrant student-led exhibit showcasing models of water management and fossils at a renowned Salem CBSE school's expo.

Outcome of Cultural and Heritage Expo: The Joy of Discovery ?

The expo was a resounding success, with each student walking away with not just a deeper understanding of their projects but also the joy of having brought history and science to life in one of the best CBSE schools in Salem.

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