Cultural and Heritage Expo: A Timewarp Experience 🚀🏛️

Purpose: A Tapestry of Time 🕰️

Why just learn history when you can create it? That’s exactly what our students from Grades 6 to 9 at Vidhya Peetham i-School, celebrated as one of the top schools in Salem, did at our Cultural and Heritage Expo!

Confident Grade 8 students explaining their globe models during a cultural expo in one of the best schools in Salem.

Materials Needed: Models of Antiquity 🛠️

Armed with clay, paper, and endless imagination, our students crafted models that spanned from the terracotta jewels of ancient villages to the technological wonders like hydroelectricity and Chandrayaan III.

Grade 6 students presenting an Earth's atmosphere model at the Cultural and Heritage Expo in a Salem CBSE school.

Crafting Knowledge: Exhibits of Exploration 🌍

As each classroom turned into a museum, our young historians and scientists stood proudly by their exhibits, explaining the rich stories behind their models to inquisitive primary graders.

Learning in Action: Sharing the Saga 🗣️

From explaining the layers of the atmosphere to demonstrating the fury of a working volcano, our students didn’t just learn their topics—they became the ambassadors of knowledge, sharing their insights with peers.

Vibrant student-led exhibit showcasing models of water management and fossils at a renowned Salem CBSE school's expo.

Outcome of Cultural and Heritage Expo: The Joy of Discovery 🌈

The expo was a resounding success, with each student walking away with not just a deeper understanding of their projects but also the joy of having brought history and science to life in one of the best CBSE schools in Salem.

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