Class VI students from Vidhya Peetham i-School, a leading school in Salem, gather for a group photo after successfully organizing a 'Food from Plants and Animals' exhibition.

?? Delving into Nature’s Pantry: Food from Plants and Animals ??

? Purpose: A Gastronomic Quest to Identify Edible Plant Parts

On the sunny morning of June 23rd, 2023, the eager sixth graders of Vidhya Peetham i-School, hailed as one of the best schools in Salem, embarked on a culinary adventure. Their mission? To map the journey of food from the soil and pastures to their plates.

?️ Materials: From Garden Goodies to Barnyard Treats

Engaged sixth graders at a CBSE school in Salem participating in a 'Food from Plants and Animals' activity, showcasing a well-organized display of edible plant parts.

Armed with an array of colorful vegetables, succulent fruits, and fresh farm produce like milk and honey, the young foodies set the stage for discovery. Table cloths spread out, bowls gleaming, and plates ready – their classroom transformed into a buffet of learning.

? Outcome: Young Botanists and Zoologists in the Making

Eager young learners at one of the best schools in Salem holding a cauliflower and broccoli, exploring food from flowers during a class activity.

With every beetroot and ginger, cabbage leaf, and flower of broccoli, our students peeled back the layers of our ecosystem’s food secrets. Animal products weren’t left behind, as milk poured stories of dairy farms and honey whispered tales of buzzing hives.

Students of a top CBSE school in Salem proudly exhibit a basket of fresh vegetables, identifying stem and root foods as part of their science curriculum.

? Activity Snapshot: Food from Plants and Animals

As the children sorted beetroot into ‘roots’ and potatoes into ‘stems,’ they became little botanists categorizing their harvest. Their counterparts, focusing on animal products, explored how dairy farms and bee colonies fill our tables with wholesome goodness.

Two cheerful students from Vidhya Peetham i-School in Salem proudly presenting their food from plants and animals

? Lessons Sprouted: Food Detective Badges Earned

By day’s end, Vidhya Peetham i-School’s classroom buzzed with newfound knowledge. The children, now food detectives, understood that every plant part has its taste, and every animal product has its tale. Our school, striving to be the best CBSE school in Salem, watched proudly as our students grew a little more in wisdom, ready to make healthier, more informed food choices. ??

Join us on this flavorful journey of education and exploration, where we don’t just eat our greens – we learn their roots! ??

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