Purpose: Unleashing Creativity Amidst Constraints

As we navigated the challenges of online learning, our Grade 6 students showcased their adaptability and creativity. They participated in a live fruit and vegetable carving contest, an event that brought together culinary artistry and the spirit of competition, all from the safety of their homes.

storytelling with puppets

The Contest: Fruit and Vegetable Carving

With just one hour on the clock, our students transformed ordinary fruits and vegetables into extraordinary works of art. Their creations included tiered cakes, intricate porcupines, delicate crabs, charming teacups, and even figures of Lord Ganesha, dolphins, and parrots. The contest was a testament to their time management, creativity, and presentation skills, all while engaging actively on video.

Outcomes: Talent and Teamwork @ Vidhya Peetham, one of the best schools in Salem

The event was not just a display of individual talent but also a celebration of our students’ ability to stay connected and support each other virtually. It highlighted why our institution is considered the best school in Salem for fostering a well-rounded education that adapts to any situation.

Conclusion: Celebrating Creativity at a Distance

This online contest was a moment where our students proved that creativity knows no bounds, not even in a virtual classroom.