7th Std

Inside Our Earth: Journey to the Core ?✨

Purpose: Delving into the Depths ?

Why read about the layers of the Earth when you can build them? This was the mission for our Grade 7 students at Vidhya Peetham i-School, one of the premier schools in Salem.

A group of Grade 7 students showcasing their completed Layers of the Earth models at a Salem school's science day.

Materials Needed: A Rainbow of Playdough ?

Nothing spells learning like colorful playdough! Each student brought a spectrum of colors to model the Earth’s inner secrets, from the fiery core to the sturdy crust.

Preparing the Scene: Layers of the Earth ?

Our natural campus offered the perfect setting. Students gathered under the tree’s canopy, ready with their materials, as the teacher checked their creative arsenal.

reative learning in action as students attach educational Earth diagrams to a tree in the school playground of a Salem CBSE school.

Crafting the Earth: A Layer at a Time ?

Starting with the inner core, each student shaped the Earth’s layers with careful attention to color and detail, learning about our planet’s structure one layer at a time.

Young learners from one of the best CBSE schools in Salem creating playdough models of the Earth's layers.

Outcome: Eureka! Earth’s Anatomy Unveiled ?

Through this tactile activity, our students didn’t just learn the layers of the Earth—they felt them. This hands-on approach is what makes us one of the best CBSE schools in Salem.

Grade 7 students of a top school in Salem engaging in a playdough earth layering activity under a lush tree.
Salem schoolgirls participating in an educational earth science activity outdoors.

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