Metals and Nonmetals Worksheet

This is a ‘Metals and Nonmetals’ worksheet for the 8th std. This sample worksheet contains 17 multiple choice questions of different types – Remember (memory oriented), analogy, sequencing, video related, image based, blanks embedded in passage incorrect match, and table based.

8.04 Metals and Nonmetal

metals and nonmetals worksheets

4. Metals and Non-metals

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Category: Science easy

The _____ reacts with oxygen to form _____ oxides, which are basic in nature. For example, when _____ reacts with oxygen, it forms MgO, a basic oxide that turns red litmus solution blue.

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Category: Science medium

How do metals and non-metals differ in terms of density?

I. Metals generally have high density, except for alkali metals.

II. All non-metals have high density.

III. Metals like gold and silver have low density.

IV. Non-metals usually have low density.

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Category: Science easy

Gold : Jewellery :: Hydrogen : _______. (Analogy)

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Category: Science easy

Select the INCORRECT match:

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Category: Science medium

Why is zinc used for galvanization, especially in coating iron? (Skill/Concept)

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