A Trek with a Twist: Nature Walk & Watch with Dr. Magesh ?‍♂️?

Purpose: Learning Beyond the Classroom ?

The best CBSE school in Salem, Vidhya Peetham i-School, took learning outdoors with a nature walk led by the renowned Dr. Magesh. Our spirited Grade 2 students embarked on a journey not just to observe nature but to become part of it. They explored the flora and fauna of Panamarathupatti Village, enhancing their understanding of the ecosystem firsthand.

Happy faces of Grade 2 children during a nature trail, guided by Dr. Magesh, a naturalist and animal rescuer.
Grade 2 explorers from a top school in Salem on a nature walk, keenly observing their path.

Gear Up: Ready for the Wild ?

Equipped with essentials like caps, coolers, and trek-friendly attire, our little explorers were instructed to observe keenly and stick together. They were a sight of enthusiasm and readiness as they lined up for the day’s adventure.

Eager students using binoculars to birdwatch during a school trip in Salem's natural surroundings.

The Adventure Begins: A Day of Discovery ?️

After a cheerful van ride filled with dance and song, our students, guided by Dr. Magesh, trekked through grasslands and rocky terrains. 

Curious minds at work as students from a leading CBSE school in Salem examine tree bark with magnifying glasses.

Nature Walk: Tricky Navigation

They learned to navigate thorny paths, assist each other in climbing, and even enjoyed a swing on a banyan tree. The highlight was discovering the fascinating world of the ant lion, a winged insect skilled in hunting.

Young learners from one of the best schools in Salem taking a break on their nature walk.

Reflecting on Nature’s Lessons ?

The day was filled with swimming, observing wildlife, and playing in the waterfall, but the real takeaway was the resilience and teamwork the children exhibited. They learned to traverse challenging paths, understand insect life cycles, and build endurance through trekking.

Grade 2 students from Vidhya Peetham i-School celebrating their nature walk in the wilderness of Salem.
Joyful moments as students splash around and learn through play on a nature walk with their Salem school.

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