Art Meets Tradition: Rangoli Kolam Unfolds at Vidhya Peetham i-School 🎨✨**

At Vidhya Peetham i-School, one of the top schools in Salem, we believe in blending culture with creativity. Our recent ‘Rangoli Kolam’ activity for 3rd to 5th graders was a vibrant testament to this philosophy.

Schoolgirls in colorful attire skillfully creating sikku kolam with white powder, reflecting Vidhya Peetham i-School's commitment to cultural education.
Group of young girls intently drawing traditional sikku rangoli kolam patterns on the school pavement, honing their artistic skills.

A Canvas of Colors: The Rangoli Kolam Challenge 🌈**

Our eager young artists embarked on a colorful journey, immersing themselves in the traditional art of Rangoli Kolam. With precise hand movements and a rainbow of colors, they transformed the grounds into a tapestry of intricate designs and patterns.

Boys in blue shirts creating colorful Rangoli designs on the ground at Vidhya Peetham i-School, showcasing creativity and cultural heritage.

Preparation Meets Precision: The Artistic Process 🖌️**

The students prepared diligently at home, with boys focusing on rangoli patterns and girls on the nuanced sikku kolam. On the day of the activity, each child brought their supplies, ready to showcase their practiced designs on the pre-drawn boxes, turning the kabaddi ground and pathways into a kaleidoscope of art.

Students engaged in making vibrant Rangoli using colored powders, demonstrating teamwork and attention to detail.

Innovation on the Ground: Creativity at Its Best 🤩**

The boys, with their 2×2 feet boxes, sprinkled colored powders to create rangolis that reflected their imagination, some even incorporating bangles and paper cuts for an added flair. The girls, following the dot guidelines, weaved sikku kolams into existence with an impressive display of symmetry and skill.

Children focused on perfecting Rangoli designs with a blend of colors and shapes, illustrating the artistic spirit at one of the best schools in Salem.

Lessons Beyond Art: The Takeaway 📚**

Beyond the colors and dots, the activity was a lesson in patience, concentration, and the joy of learning. Our students not only refined their fine motor skills but also embraced a cultural art form, enhancing their spatial and geometric understanding.

rangoli kolam

Vidhya Peetham i-School, often recognized as the best CBSE school in Salem, is proud to provide such enriching experiences, where education transcends textbooks and nurtures holistic development. 🏫💡

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