aritharam activity

Purpose: Sparking Imagination and Self-Sufficiency

The corridors of Vidhya Peetham were transformed into a vibrant tapestry of characters as Grade 1 and 2 students eagerly participated in the ‘Aritharam Activity’. This event was not just about role play; it was a journey towards fostering self-sufficiency and sparking the creative flames within our young learners.

The Build-Up: A Creative Quest

Armed with a week’s notice, our students embarked on a quest to select a character that inspired them. The challenge was to bring their chosen persona to life, complete with costumes, hair styling, and even makeup, all of which they prepared to apply themselves.

role play

The Big Day: A Mosaic of Characters

As the activity day dawned, our little ones arrived, their arms filled with the tools to transform. The school bore witness to an array of characters, from the wise sage to the innovative scientist, each child a testament to their unique interests and aspirations.

Outcomes: Lessons Beyond the Costume

The ‘Aritharam Activity’ culminated in more than just a showcase of costumes; it was a celebration of independence and the boundless realms of imagination. Students learned the value of preparation, the thrill of creativity, and the confidence that comes with self-reliance.

Role Play: The Enduring Impact of ‘Aritharam’

Beyond the fun and excitement, the ‘Aritharam Activity’ left an indelible mark on our students. It was a day that proved that with a little creativity and courage, they could step into any role and shine.