Roman Numbers 🏫

On 28th June 2024, our energetic Grade 3 students participated in an engaging activity focused on Roman Numbers! This fun-filled event aimed to help students understand Roman numerals and improve their basic mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, and multiplication. It was a fantastic way for students to learn while having a great time outdoors.

Four students working on Roman numeral problems using colorful popsicle sticks.
Group of boys working diligently on their Roman numeral tasks.

Purpose: 🎯

1. To help students understand Roman numbers.
2. To improve basic mathematical operations (addition, subtraction, and multiplication).

Four girls engaged in solving Roman numeral questions during the activity.


1. Development of fine motor skills.
2. Encouragement to solve problems independently.
3. Stimulation of cognitive growth and development.
4. Fostering a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts.

Activity Instructions and Execution 🎮📚

Children were given clear instructions to find solutions for the given questions using Roman numerals. They used colorful popsicle sticks to represent the numbers. The students were divided into four groups, each assigned different levels of questions (easy to moderate) set up on tables.

1. Each group took turns, with one child from each group coming forward to solve the first question and display the answer using Roman numerals and popsicle sticks.
2. The next child would then solve the second question, and so on.
3. The activity was conducted as a game, making learning playful and enjoyable.
4. Students helped and encouraged each other, fostering teamwork and cooperation.
5. Those who finished first were rewarded with stars, adding an element of excitement and motivation.

Group of students proudly showing their completed Roman numeral projects.

Learning and Fun Combined 🌟🧠

This activity not only enhanced the students’ understanding of Roman numbers but also promoted teamwork and independent problem-solving. Vidhya Peetham i-School, recognized as one of the best CBSE schools in Salem, continues to provide enriching educational experiences that combine learning with fun. We are proud to be among the top schools in Salem, committed to nurturing young minds through innovative activities.

Grade 3 students posing excitedly after completing the Roman Numbers activity

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