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NSO Online Mock Test is a set of 3 mock tests that are in-line with the syllabus and difficulty level of the actual SOF paper.

Exam Details

Exam date: 05/12/2023

Total Questions: 50

Question type: 10 aptitude based + 40 science based

Duration: 60 minutes

Portions: All Term 1 lessons and Term 2 lessons taught so far

Practice: Classwork & homework e-sheets



Purpose of the Virtual Meeting

At Vidhya Peetham, we believe in catching them young. Recognizing the challenges students face in competitive exams post-12th grade, our approach is inclusive and proactive. In the Zoom meeting for 6th-grade parents we delved into the tools we are using in our mission to empower every student, not just the toppers.

Skillset For Competitive Exams


Time Management

Efficiency in answering questions within a limited time frame is crucial. This involves quickly understanding questions and deciding whether to attempt them or move on.


Reading and Comprehension:

The ability to quickly read, comprehend, and interpret the information presented in questions is vital. This includes understanding complex statements, diagrams, and data.



This skill involves applying knowledge to new or unfamiliar problems, often requiring innovative thinking and the ability to integrate different concepts.


Memorization and Recall

While understanding concepts is essential, remembering formulas, facts, and methods is equally important for quick recall during the exam.


Attention to Detail

Careful reading to catch subtle details that might change the answer is critical. This skill helps in avoiding mistakes due to oversight.


Critical Thinking

Evaluating options, analyzing scenarios, and making judgments based on available information is a key aspect of solving MCQs.


Data Interpretation

Especially in exams like NEET, the ability to interpret graphical data, charts, or experimental data is crucial.


Strategic Guessing

When unsure, the ability to make educated guesses based on partial knowledge and elimination of options can be useful.


Stress Management

The ability to remain calm and focused under the pressure of a high-stakes testing environment is important.


Memorization and Recall

While understanding concepts is essential, remembering formulas, facts, and methods is equally important for quick recall during the exam.



Being flexible and adapting to different types of questions or unfamiliar formats is beneficial.


Numerical Ability

For exams like IIT JEE, proficiency in handling numerical data, performing calculations quickly and accurately is essential.


Pattern Recognition

Identifying common patterns or themes in questions can aid in quicker resolution.


Persistence and Perseverance

The determination to work through challenging questions and not give up easily is a valuable trait.



Regularly assessing one’s performance and understanding during preparation to identify and work on weak areas.

Innovative Science Learning Tools

Vidhya Peetham uses four potent tools to impart the above mentioned skills to children.


‘Zippons’ (short for Zippy Lessons) transform textbook science into clear, engaging lessons for children, making complex concepts easily understandable and enjoyable.

Dynamic 3D Animations

Bringing NCERT science curriculum to life, transforming challenging concepts into accessible, captivating lessons for effortless understanding.

Clicker-Based Student Response Systems

Our interactive classes feature clickers for real-time MCQ responses, providing instant feedback on student comprehension, displayed vividly on the whiteboard.

Online E-Sheets for Mastery

Daily practice through hundreds of diverse MCQ e-sheets with instant feedback on right and wrong answers both in school and at home sharpens competitive exam skills for the students.


An Array of MCQ’s