Purpose: Shaping Young Minds ?✨

Our ‘Shapes and Colours for Kindergarten’ activity was crafted to help our little ones identify and classify objects based on their shapes—a rectangle and an oval.

Shapes and Colours for Kindergarten
Pre-KG students at Vidhya Peetham i-School learning about rectangles and ovals through a dynamic floor game. ??

Materials Needed: A World of Rectangles and Ovals ??

Our creative educators prepared a floor canvas of rectangles and ovals, and a basket full of everyday objects matching these shapes. From oval plates to rectangular sponges, the classroom was set for a day of shape-tastic fun!

Shapes and Colours for Kindergarten Outcome: Shape Hunters in Action ???

Two Pre-KG children excitedly picking objects from a basket during a shapes identification activity. ??

Spot, Jump, and Learn!

The excitement was palpable as our kiddos rolled the dice and hopped from shape to shape, picking up their corresponding treasures. Learning through movement made the lesson stick—literally and figuratively!

Young learners engaging with shapes, with a colorful fruit chart in the background, at one of the best CBSE schools in Salem. ??

The Learning Leap: Geometry in Motion ?‍♀️?‍♂️

Our Pre-KG classroom buzzed with energy as each child took their turn to roll, identify, and match shapes. Jumping onto the drawn shapes, they called out ‘rectangle’ or ‘oval’, placing their found items on the matching shape on the floor—a delightful dance of discovery in shapes and colours for kindergarten!

Joyful Pre-KG students holding their chosen items and learning about shapes at a top school in Salem. ???

Little Lessons, Big Impressions: The Takeaway ?❤️

Not only did our young learners get a grip on their rectangles and ovals, but they also started spotting these shapes in their own little worlds—from the television at home to the soap in their bathrooms. It’s a joy to see them make connections that go beyond the classroom!

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