Importance of

Summer Learning Sheets

A unique feature at Vidhya Peetham i-School, Summer Learning Sheets combat Summer Learning Loss or Summer Slide. They ensure that children from LKG to 9th grade effectively retain and engage with the concepts they have learned throughout the year during the 60-day annual summer holidays. This innovative approach helps prevent summer learning loss, keeping students academically active and prepared for the upcoming school year.

What is

Summer Learning Loss

Understanding Summer Learning Loss:
Known as ‘summer slide,’ it refers to the phenomenon where children forget the concepts learned in the previous year during the long summer holidays.

Global Impact of Summer Learning Loss:
Affects students and teachers worldwide, not just in India, necessitating proactive measures to prevent it.

Academic Foundations:
Concepts in math, science, and English learned one year form the basis for understanding more complex topics in the following year.

Statistical Insights:
Research indicates a significant loss of academic progress over summer, with 27-50% of math knowledge fading away (NWEA). Teachers spend up to three weeks revisiting old lessons to bridge this gap (NSLA).

Long-Term Consequences:
Cumulative effect of summer learning loss can lead to a staggering 18 months of learning deficit by the time a student reaches 5th grade (ThinkStretch).

The Solution Is

Summer Learning Sheets

What Are Summer Learning Sheets:
E-worksheets available on, catering to students from LKG to 9th grade during the summer holidays.

Purpose and Benefits:
Designed to counteract the ‘summer slide’ by reinforcing concepts across various subjects relevant to each grade.

Content Specifics:
For kindergarten, the focus is on spelling, reading, and basic numeracy.
From 1st grade onwards, students additionally engage with grammar, reading comprehension, math tables, and a comprehensive review of the math concepts learned during the year.

Academic Readiness:
Prepares students for the upcoming academic year, ensuring they retain critical skills and are ready to tackle new concepts.

Tips for

Tips for Parents

Accessing Summer Learning Sheets:
Sheets are uploaded on every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday throughout the summer holidays.

Completion Time:
Depending on their grade level and individual pace, children may need 15 minutes to an hour to complete each day’s worksheets.

Recommended Routine:
It’s best for children to tackle the sheets first thing in the morning, after waking up and having some refreshment, to capitalize on their freshest and most focused state.
Completing the worksheets early in the day frees up the remainder of the day for other activities, balancing learning with leisure.