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Yarn-Tastic Adventures in Grade 5! ?

Why We’re Yarn-Crazy! ?

At Vidhya Peetham, one of the coolest schools in Salem, our 5th graders just got their hands all tangled up in yarn – and loved it for yarn art activity! It was all about getting messy, being bold with colors, and turning a bunch of yarn into something awesome.

Our Craft Kit: What We Used ?

Brought by Our Young Artists:
– Yarns of every color you can imagine
– Chart paper as their canvas
– Good old Fevicol (because what’s craft without glue?)
– Scissors (for that snip-snip fun!)

Teacher’s Magic Touch:

A funky notice board backdrop jazzed up with bangles and yarn rainbows

Dedicated young artists from Vidhya Peetham i-School applying glue to chart paper as they create yarn art, showcasing the vibrant educational activities available at Salem's best school.
A group of enthusiastic fifth graders proudly displaying their yarn art pieces, including suns and mountains, in a classroom at a top CBSE school in Salem.

Getting Down to Yarn Art Business ?️

Our budding artists picked everything from ducks to mountains to pen holders to bring to life with yarn. First, they sketched their ideas on paper, then it was time for the sticky fun – gluing and laying down the yarn.

Check Out What They Made:

– **Mountains & Sun**: Light and dark green yarns for the mountains, and a burst of yellow for the sun – talk about a sunrise scene!
– **The Quacky Duck**: A duck that’s all bright and yellow, with a pop of red for the beak.
– **Cool Pen Holder**: Just a paper cup, but wrapped in yarn and jazzed up to sit pretty on any desk.
– **Home Sweet Yarn Home**: A cozy little yarn house with a kite flying high. Talk about getting detailed!
– **A Blooming Lotus**: Petals and stem all in yarn, making a lotus that almost looks real.

What We Learned (Without Even Realizing It!) ?

Sure, it was all about having fun with yarn, but guess what? We also got super creative, learned a thing or two about colors, and figured out how to solve some tricky yarn puzzles. Best part? We all helped each other out and had a blast doing it!

?? Yarn Art + Imagination = Magic at Vidhya Peetham! ??

Smiling fifth-grade students at Vidhya Peetham i-School holding up their completed yarn art crafts, including a vivid butterfly and a cheerful panda, demonstrating the creativity fostered at this CBSE school in Salem.
Fifth-grade students at Vidhya Peetham i-School in Salem concentrating on their yarn art projects, with colorful yarn and craft tools spread out on their desks.